If you're ready to take action and want to know what tools I use/recommend, you're in the right place!

Some of the links below are affiliate links, some aren't; it doesn't cost you extra, either way.


Grace Space Hypnosis - Whether you're new to hypnosis or you've experienced the power of hypnotherapy before, Grace Space offers different ways for you to connect to this work – for different need levels and different investment points. 


FloDesk - In the event that you aren't ready to go big on an all-in-one system like Kajabi (or maybe don't need something like that for your business model!), I love FloDesk. The emails are beautiful, the platform is super tech-friendly, and (best of all imo) the price NEVER CHANGES. Grow your list to the moon, it's always the same price.
Color Joy Stock - I LOVE this stock photo site! Representation matters; if your content doesn't feature BIPOC faces – no amount of saying it's a "safe space" will communicate the same kind of welcoming atmosphere as it will to show them with your visuals. There's a ton of great content on this site and it's constantly updating, so no matter what niche you're in – you're covered. (Fun Fact: It's owned by my branding photographer!)

Basil & Bark
 - Purchase templates for all kinds of things, like social media graphics, workbooks and lead magnets, and more (compatible with Canva and Photoshop!)


Kajabi - if you're not tech-savvy at all but still want to sell workshops, courses, group programs, and memberships; have an email list complete with easy-to-build funnels; an intuitive checkout system with upsells/bumps/downsells; have an affiliate program; and even host your whole website here if you want... Kajabi is the winner (and believe me, I've tried THEM ALL)
Acuity Scheduling - Let clients book into your calendar at their convenience, pay for their session, and fill out an intake form before you meet with them


Collective (use code TIFFANI for 50% off your first two months) - This is the money team I work with to make sure I'm doing all the right things for taxes. This is one of the most important investments I make in my business! 

Legal Stuff
 - This is the lawyer I worked with to get the Trademark for ENRICH, and I also use her templates for the Terms and Conditions, my Privacy Policy, and more.
Fancy Hands - need the help of a Virtual Assistant really quick? Plans start at $17/mo for 3 tasks

personal finance:

Acorn Investing - I'm not a financial or legal advisor, but I get questions all the time about growing money BEYOND the business. This is an app I'm using to put away money into portfolios that allow my money to grow over time without me having to do anything with it, myself. If you'd like to experiment with this too, it's very easy to start and you don't have to go in with a large amount of money, either.
Coinbase - Again, not a financial advisor or crypto expert, but if you're looking for a very easy-to-use app that gives you options for trading almost any kind of cryptocurrency known to man, Coinbase is my preferred platform. Get $10 in free Bitcoin when you join through my link & buy or sell your first $100 on Coinbase!



The Content Planner - my fave planner for mapping out content


The Yes Supply Method- NLP, Hypnotherapy, Life & Success Coaching, EFT, and Time Techniques Certification