If you're ready to take action and want to know what tools I use/recommend, you're in the right place!

Some of the links below are affiliate links, some aren't; it doesn't cost you extra, either way.


SquareSpaceno matter what it is you're selling online, SquareSpace has got you covered. You can host your website, sell products, sell recurring memberships (like Patreon-style exclusive content), let people book sessions with you through SquareSpace Scheduling, build an email list with SquareSpace Marketing, and much more – and it's VERY tech-friendly, and you only have to use & pay for what you need! Start your 14 day free trial with my link, no CC required.
Kajabi - In a lot of ways, Kajabi is very similar to SquareSpace (website hosting, sell courses and paywalled content with recurring payments, book client sessions with Calendly, build your email list, etc.); with Kajabi, you pay one flat fee for every feature Kajabi has to offer – whether you need them all or not. I recommend Kajabi for folks who fall into the Supporter Business Model, who will make most of their money selling online courses, workbooks, and things like that.


FloDesk - In the event that you aren't ready to go big on an all-in-one system like Kajabi (or maybe don't need something like that for your business model!), I love FloDesk. The emails are beautiful, the platform is super tech-friendly, and (best of all imo) the price NEVER CHANGES. Grow your list to the moon, it's always the same price.
Color Joy Stock - I LOVE this stock photo site! Representation matters; if your content doesn't feature BIPOC faces – no amount of saying it's a "safe space" will communicate the same kind of welcoming atmosphere as it will to show them with your visuals. There's a ton of great content on this site and it's constantly updating, so no matter what niche you're in – you're covered. (Fun Fact: It's owned by my branding photographer!)

Basil & Bark
 - Purchase templates for all kinds of things, like social media graphics, workbooks and lead magnets, and more (compatible with Canva and Photoshop!)


Collective (use code TIFFANI for 50% off your first two months) - This is the money team I work with to make sure I'm doing all the right things for taxes. This is one of the most important investments I make in my business! 

Legal Stuff
 - Need to get your legal stuff up-to-date? I use these templates for the Terms and Conditions, my Privacy Policy, and more.



The Content Planner - my fave planner for mapping out content


The Yes Supply Method- NLP, Hypnotherapy, Life & Success Coaching, EFT, and Time Techniques Certification